Experience The Difference With Our Walk Leaders

By Derek Tunstall MBE

Are you ready to embark on unforgettable adventures in the great outdoors? Join us and discover why our walk leaders stand apart from the rest.

Imagine being part of a team dedicated to safety, expertise, and passion for exploration.

Back in the mid-eighties, Derek, who wanted to serve his community, sought to join the esteemed Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team. However, he was initially refused because he lived too far away from the base.  Despite the initial setback, he continued to enjoy exploring the Lake District and hoped that he would be able to join at a later date. Fast forward to 1988, the Mountain Rescue Team was now equipped with a cutting-edge pager system and so Derek was able to join the team.

The training commenced, covering essentials from first-aid to navigation, preparing individuals to face any challenge head-on. By 1989, Derek earned his full membership, laying the foundation for a lifelong commitment to service.

Transitioning from mountain rescue to leading guided walks for Ramble Worldwide in 2005 was a natural progression.  Derek attended supplementary walk leader training and so armed with a wealth of knowledge and a heart for adventure, Derek seamlessly progressed, ensuring every journey was not only safe but was well researched and enriching for his guests.

Derek is just one example of our team of over 200 walk leaders and what sets our walking leaders apart? It’s more than just knowing the trails; it’s about understanding our guests, engaging with their interests, and creating experiences that exceed expectations. Whether it’s uncovering geological wonders or sharing captivating stories of history, our leaders go above and beyond to ensure every moment is memorable.

“Whether it’s uncovering geological wonders or sharing captivating stories of history, our leaders go above and beyond”

Living just miles away from Hassness (our Country House) and with Buttermere as our backyard, Derek’s familiarity with the Lake District landscape is unparalleled. And as Derek is also a Lake District National Park Voluntary Ranger, and now has over 50 years’ service, every path, bridge, and stile is not just traversed but the routes are meticulously planned, ensuring your journey demonstrates the best that the Lake District has to offer.

But Derek’s dedication doesn’t end there.  Derek continues to train and inspire the next generation of walk leader volunteers, passing on invaluable skills to enhance your experience. From leading guided walks to handling unforeseen emergencies, our leaders embody the spirit of adaptability and readiness.  Derek was also awarded an MBE in 2000 for services to the Lake District National Park Authority, an honour truly well deserved. 

Join us on a journey where every step is guided by expertise, every moment enriched by knowledge, and every adventure unforgettable. Discover the difference with our walking leaders – because who wants to be in the great outdoors? We do.


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