A Plan for Our Kids


SUNx – Strong Universal Network – is a not-for-profit foundation led by Geoffrey Lipman and established as a legacy for the late Maurice Strong, Sustainable Development pioneer and early architect of the 2015 SDGs and Paris Climate Agreement. It is a new system for tourism destinations and stakeholders to build climate resilience in line with the targets of the Paris Agreement through climate friendly travel.


In 2020, SUNx relocated to Malta under an agreement with the government to serve as the global Centre for Climate Friendly Travel in the knowledge that the climate crisis is becoming existential, and that travel and tourism has to play an important role in the transition to the New Climate Economy.


SUNx believe that:

All travel and tourism must be measured both economically and environmentally – particularly greenhouse gases. These two elements must be rationalised and balanced.

It must be green if it’s to grow – low carbon, socially inclusive, using nature based & bio-diversity supportive solutions, and following the circular economy.

It must be 2050-proof, with a Climate Neutral 2050 Ambition on a Paris 1.5°C trajectory.

Only then can a business be considered ‘climate friendly’.


To support this transformation, SUNx are establishing in Malta a Registry of Ambitions for companies and communities, aligned to the General Registry created by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, hosting a think tank to profile innovation and issuing an annual sector status report on ambitions. The first of these was co-produced with the World Travel and Tourism Council in September 2019 on the side-lines of the UN Secretary General’s Climate Action Summit in New York.


To build capacity, web-based learning systems for schoolkids, graduates and industry professionals are also being put in place. This is on top of the curation of 100,000 Strong Climate Champions across all UN States by 2030 to help companies and communities make the essential changes.


Last but not least, SUNx are signing SDG-17 Partnership Agreements with likeminded friends to mutually strengthen Climate Resilience through this system. The first projects from this are with EXO Travel in Bali and Cambodia, Guyana Tourism, Hania Hotels in Crete, with Ingle International in Canada following on.


Transformation will be progressive, starting slowly but urgently. However, it must accelerate over time to hit the 2050 Climate Neutral targets for all travel and tourism supply, consumption and investment. We owe it to our kids and grandkids to start this journey now, and SUNx will be there to play a catalytic role.

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